Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

assessment web


I meet my deadlines

I set challenges and mini comps if things get boring

I organise and keep track of my equipment.

I need nobody to remind me to behave or get back to work.

I keep my eye on the prize

I always have work to carry on with.


Self Reflection / Goals
I think next time i should get more 4s

Tear 4 vis land

What did I did I do good? I nuosed good colers

What will I do better next time? DO the coulers darker

What did I lear? that cows can be red and whit

Year 6 highlight

I am leaving Riverdale School thinking that I have achieved lots. I’m the third best at high jump. I think that Room 13 is a great classroom because of TC and things we do like Quiddage where we learn life skills. One of my favourite memories is camping because we did lots of cool games at night. Sport was good because there are so many and they are fun. Next year I’m going to Intermediate. I’m going to miss Riverdale School.
Quiddage is cool because it is like real life because you can spend $ and speaking about $ I have 940 $ in my bank.
I own a business called the Pool Stars and we have 1500 $ in out bank.
I nomilly get 120 $ out.
I think that Quiddage is cool because we lorn life skills like how to spind were money critlly.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I felt nevus and hot in the boiling hot sun I was going to run as fast as I can to jump over the sand. I had to get a three that was my goal.
I was running as fast as a tiger I was going to lip and as I lipped I could fill the air flowing throe my hear.
Thomp I land some one said to me I had got a three I was so proud of my self I had made my goal I passed my challenge.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Year 6 leaving

I am leaving Riverdale school thinking that I have achieved lots like being the 3 best a high jump not in counting teachers. I think that room 13 is the best class room because of TC and the things we do like quiddage because we learn life skills. some of my favour memories was camping sports games and friends. I'v been in rooms 4,2,7,8,9,TLE,10 and 13. Riverdale school is cool because of the things we do and the teachers we have and being a year 6 we have lots of opportunities and I will mess Riverdale as I leve to go to intermedi